8-Bit Bully / 8-Bit いじめ

This is a great song by EmpathP.


Vocaloid version: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm17284794
Album version on "Fables of Farewell": http://empathp.bandcamp.com/album/fables-of-farewell

I strongly thought I wanted to make an UTAU cover of this song. But I was not able to find the karaoke anywhere, so I asked about it to EmpathP. Then...

Oh, she gave me her album, "Fables of Farewell"! This album is including "8-Bit Bully", its instrumental, and more songs. I found my favorite song, "Anonymous", too. This is a song that made me a fan of EmpathP.
Ah... It's filled me with emotion.
She thought that it's hard to buy the album in dollars to me because I'm not American, I think. You are right... I have no dollars. I thank her cordially. I got many new favorite songs in the album. Especially "Eulogy for Abel" attacked my heart. So cool... and epic! I love "Rose + Thorn" too. I've known "Leaving Donna". It's one of my favorite. Hmm... I get to want to make covers. hahaha.
Anyway, my cover is not good as always, but I'm proud making the cover.

And but I'm sorry, I altered lyrics as more natural Japanese a little. Some Japanese lyrics give mistakes a bit, I think. So I altered just words. Didn't alter meaning.
The meanings are wistful, and original lyrics sound beautiful. So I never forgot homage and love to the original. I wish this cover makes new fans of this song and EmpathP.

Well... I apologize for my poor English. Always my English is strange a little. lol